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Our Appleton and Green Bay gutters are installed by trained gutter professionals who use top-quality materials and have years of experience.

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Gutters create the perfect channel, moving water to designated reservoirs

The seasons can play havoc on gutters. The spring rains, the hot summer days, the leaves from the trees in fall to the winter storms. There never is a respite for your gutters. If your gutters have leaks, are stripping off or maybe have blown away Titan Roofing can make a call to your home.

All of our trucks come supplied with 5″ and 6″ seamless gutters that fit perfectly into your current gutter system. If you’re worried that the color will look out of place, fear not. We carry a wide selection of colors to choose from, allowing you to create the best look—just like when your home was first constructed. Our technicians are punctual and arrive fully equipped to take care of your home. You can expect friendly and reliable service when Titan calls because:

  • We supply all downspouts including 3, 4 and 5 inches
  • We implement gutter guards for longer life
  • We offer copper gutters where needed
  • Our technicians do gutter cleaning for long maintenance
  • Our technicians will fix storm damage and make adjustments

Traditional gutters are made from flattened aluminum in long rolls. These rolls can be shaped into any length. This allows our technicians to repair either a gutter patch or a whole side of your home. This way you don’t have to worry about leaks and dribbles coming from your gutters.

New technology and systems offer gutters with a swing-open hood. This type of gutter is also called a leaf free system. A leaf-free system uses liquid adhesion directing water into the proper gutter channel. This filters leaves and debris away from the channeled water, which is collected in a free-flowing gutter system. This provides a clog-free system that will offer greater durability and less ladder-climbing for gutter maintenance. Speaking of maintaining and cleaning your gutters, this is never a fun project. Leaves and ice from the fall and winter months take time to remove and can cause leaks. Seeds and twigs in the spring are also messy. The next time Titan comes to visit your home, why not inquire on gutter guards? They offer reduced maintenance and peace of mind throughout the year. Whatever project you have in mind to replace and repair gutters let Titan do the custom design. This will bring you a longer lasting result and allow you to relax inside your home throughout the year.


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