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Titans of Roofing.

A roof provides many luxuries. Shelter from rain and snow. Warmth in the winters. Protection from the sun’s rays. A roof is more than just a cap to a building. It keeps the structure standing. That’s why it’s important to be pro-active when it comes to roofing maintenance and replacement.

When inspecting the roof there are several things that should catch your notice. The easiest of course is missing or damaged roof shingles. But also take note if the roofing shingles are cupping at the corners. This is a sign that they are weathered and need to be replaced. If you have water marks on the ceiling this is also a tell-tale sign that the roof needs attention.

If it’s time to consider a new roof, don’t let price alone sway your opinion. While cost is an important concern, you want to be confident that the roofing job will last. Choose a roofing material that is compatible with the features of your home, provides long life, increases value and is low maintenance. All of these factors of course are dependent upon the materials and workmanship. Because your roof will last for many years, you want to be happy with the result.

Roofing for Homes and Business.

Titan Roofing and Siding consults many homeowners and business owners on what materials complement a structure. The best roofing and siding pairings offer some contrast, and therefore provide the structure with character. Asphalt shingles can combine with cedar siding and a brick foundation offering a unique yet refined tone. Brick siding and metal roofing offers a distinguished taste while maintaining durability. In the end, the roof must complement the exterior features of the building while offering a practical solution as a barrier from the elements. A quality roof is one that not only provides shelter but also enlivens the natural beauty of the house structure.

roofing large homeA house is a private castle. It needs to be protected and well maintained. There are many options to do that. Copper metal roofing, slate and clay are the best options because they are the most durable, lasting decades. Of course these options aren’t always affordable for everyone. That is why metal roofing, cedar roofing shingles, asphalt and roll roofing can provide affordability while keeping a roof over your head. Whatever the option you choose, let Titan Roofing and Siding take care of the products and installation. This will allow you to rest easy from a long day’s work and enjoy your home for years to come.




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